Winery Wedding Invitations, 6 Whimsical Spots for a Winery Wedding

Wine Themed Wedding Shower Invitations,Wine Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Wine Themed Wedding Shower Invitations,Wine Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Winery Wedding Invitations – You have a completely new perspective on tasting as you start exploring these beautiful cellars for your wedding venue. The best part? A wedding in a vineyard is the ideal place for photos with such impressive natural landscapes that you do not want to limit them to another green (which means that budgets of flowers can be used in such an important area: wine).

California seems to be the obvious choice when it comes to a wine wedding in a wine region. There is at least one warehouse in all 50 states, including Alaska, where eight wineries live. Whether you want to stay in the area or spend your wedding on the way to a mountain retreat or a medieval castle, these six places are undoubtedly the perfect inspiration for a honeymoon.

Winery Wedding Invitations

Vineyard Themed Bridal Shower Invitations,Wine Bottle Shaped Bridal Shower Invitations

Arista Winery in California
The Arista Winery family in the Russian River Valley, California, offers breathtaking views of the places of interest. This is because every space on the property of 36 hectares offers a breathtaking view of the vineyards. In the tasting room, start with a toast before the ceremony to eliminate the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, or collect girls for wedding photos in the Japanese garden, which is covered with bamboo. At the time of the ceremony, the 200-person pavilion is one of the best places to connect.

The lodge is located at the western end of the property and opens onto a lawn surrounded by plum and mulberry trees. It has an integrated fireplace and Adirondack chairs, ideal for relaxing with the cool s’mores at sunset. Sunday Traditional dessert table. Near Oak Grove, garlands of light surround the surrounding oaks that dominate the vineyards, creating a magical setting for dining and dancing under the stars.

Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa
Marilyn Monroe may have sung “Diamonds are girls’ best friend”, but a jeweler knows better than anyone else: Laurence Graff. The founder of Graff Diamonds applied the same aesthetics of his jewelry to his winery and his spectacular pavilion, which rightly describes it as the “jewel of the Cape wine region”. In Delaire Graff’s domain, every view deserves another vision.

The cheetah’s bronze sculptures are legions in perfectly landscaped gardens (where the chef turns on the kitchen for organic products), with the vineyards of the Stellenbosch valley in the distance. Get ready for the big day in your private gazebo (with a heated and deep pool) before starting the party in the garden with a bottle of champagne. Continue to dine at the 18-seat Vinoteque, where you can celebrate. Refined South African cuisine is paired with even more prized wines from the slopes of Mount Botmaskop.

The blue oak in France.
As you walk through Blue Oak to Crestet, a Provencal village that, as the name suggests, sits on a hillside along a mountain range, it’s hard not to get caught up in a fairy tale. The two wives, Nicole and Xavier, spent almost 13 years reorganizing and restoring the priory on a hill built in the ninth century as a glass factory La Verrière.

The luxurious seven-bedroom villa (which includes frescoes and medieval fireplaces) is now an ideal base for accommodating up to 18 people on weekends (or weekends) of your wedding. in this case). Make your choice among the centers and opt for the ceremonies in the lavender fields or in the hanging garden of the vineyard. Enjoy a private party with a chef in the majestic vaults of the Hall of the Vaults.

Cavas Codorníu in Spain
Champagne can traditionally make toast, but Spanish sparkling wine or cava are certainly very festive, especially if you take it in the spring. If you are looking for something “old” that you do not want to drink during the big day, visit the family’s oldest cava company, Cavas Dodorníu, just 30 minutes from Barcelona. These historic wineries house the first Spanish champagne bottles, elaborated in the style of French champagne and with a legacy dating back to 1551.

Change the promises among grandiose arches and dramatic chandeliers hung from the vaulted ceiling of the stone-lined pavilion. Before moving on to an equally spectacular space: Cantina Gran, the old brewhouse is located under a Catalan vault decorated with imposing arches on the roof and a stone staircase that will surely give access to the next part.

The Castello di Semivicoli of Masciarelli in Italy
Gianna Masciarelli, originally a wedding gift for his wife, restored the 17th century mansion in 2004, adding a modern touch to some of the more medieval styles (think of Philippe Starck chairs and Driade furniture). The castle is located on a hill overlooking the Abruzzo in Italy and is surrounded by lush meadows, olive groves and of course vineyards, which you can admire in the 11 suites of the castle.

For a room that can be used as a bridal suite or honeymoon, book the Superior Suite, an old barn with 18 windows offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the Majella Peak to the sea. After a commercial agreement on the farm, the brides can organize an elegant dinner with white tablecloths in the olive grove or opt for a more informal party, inspired by the picnic and starting directly in the vineyard.

Viñamar from Casablanca to Chile
Half of the pleasure of having a wedding with the goal in mind is that you can instantly go into honeymoon mode as soon as you say “yes”. Combine a country wedding with a stay in the city of Santiago de Chile and pamper yourself at the five-star Maison Italia boutique-hotel before heading to one of the country’s most vine-covered valleys, Casablanca 40 minutes by car is the capital. Go to Viñamar’s vineyards, before having a party at home, and a toast with the champagne from the farm in the basement, before celebrating with another claim to the glory of Chile: the cocktails Pisco Sour, Si you are not ready to end the celebration after the reception, turn Buddymoon into a wine region with your friends and family for the first part of your honeymoon. Walk the Andean hills with all the food and wine on your bike before heading to another party (in South America) with a Chilean-style grill in the Quincho of Viña San Pedro in the open air. Land that admires the majestic views of the mountains and the valley of Cachapoal.

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