Wedding Invitations Seattle, Just How Important Are My Wedding Invitations?

Wedding Invitation Printing Seattle

Wedding Invitations Seattle Wa

Wedding Invitations Seattle – We all love a good marriage, right? Ask everyone what is their favorite part of a wedding and you will probably get one of the following three answers: flowers, music or place (we will not count an open bar here, but I think it’s probably pretty high). But where are the wedding invitations?

Of course, they are important (duh) or your guests do not know when and where their wedding took place! Even Emily Post has a lot to say about the invitations and on the label she is the queen. However, the suite of invitations will also be part of your wedding day as many brides bring one of their invitation suites to photograph their wedding day.

Personally, I have classified an extraordinary suite of invitations in the “essential” category. I know what you’re going to say: “But Holly, you’re a trash, your favorite part is of course the invitation.”

Wedding Invitations Seattle

Wedding Invitation Printing Seattle

(Which is true, but wait, I explain it in a very scary way: through my love of the trailers, because everyone knows that the trailers are incredible and that the main reason we go to cinema?)

His wedding is the movie. (wait here with me)

Invitations to mission partners are like a mini-trailer published. You know that, where the title and a 5-second signal are displayed on the face of a character on the right. It’s a total joke.

Your stored data is like the trailer for the first vision. You have an idea of ​​what’s coming and this bomb. you one after another

Then the big one comes and you know one. It looks like the Super Bowl where everyone in the room is calm. I’m easily three and a half minutes away from a trailer and when it’s over, rewind it because it was amazing and your life will never be the same again because it’s so good.

And this is the last trailer before the release of the movie 2 months later. (Your invitations must be sent randomly 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, read here for an overview of the history of your document.)

In any case, ESTA is your suite for the invitations: the last big presentation before the big presentation, your wedding.

And that’s why I like the invitation suites. Not only do they contain very important information, but I also like to take them by e-mail (yes, even if I have not done them yet) and I can tell you what kind of event I will read before the dress code .

Basically, your invitations tell your guests five things about their wedding:

How will your guests know where to go if you do not tell them? It is important to include the name and address of the place somewhere in the suite of invitations. In general, the name of the room is inserted in the invitation. If you use a detailed map, the address can be entered here.

“But we’ll get married at the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa,” they say. “It is impossible for someone to change for anything else! We will leave the address.”

For your guests, I recommend you do not leave the address. If it sounds like a useless fist in the eyes, we print it on the back of one of the parts of your invitation basket. Since many guests use GPS or Google Maps to get directions, it’s best to have the correct address for the connection during your trip.

We had never been married in my family for years when we announced our commitment and one of the most frequently asked questions: “When?” Have been put. was “what should I use?” My parents asked the company to buy a new dress for my wedding and I realized that the wedding club, which does not have a platinum card, might need help. After all, your guests do not want to offend you or take your special day!

Because your guests have almost two jobs at your wedding: 1) they arrive on time and 2) party with you: their job is to help them discover what they are wearing. Do you have a relaxing ceremony or tie? If you are getting married on the beach (on the beach and in all areas), we recommend you tell your guests that the dress code is “beachwear”. Do you choose an elegant treatment? “The required attire” says enough.

Who is invited to your wedding? In your invitation, write for your guests. I’ll give you some examples of addressing styles:

Mr. and Mrs. John Seymour: only the two guests mentioned here receive an invitation to their wedding.
The Seymour family: all the members of the family are invited to their wedding, from father and mother Seymour to adolescent Aaron and little Becky.
Mr. John Seymour and Mrs. Emily Austen: John and his girlfriend / boyfriend / couple are invited to their wedding.
Mr. John Seymour & Guest: John and your important date or date will be invited to your wedding.

to eat
What will everyone eat at your wedding?

There is not really a good or bad way to write this, just in a traditional and modern way. It also depends on the type of lunch / dinner you have: a dinner or a buffet dinner / dinner at the train stations (none of them should be invited to share their dinner options while eating them – the same). The lack of a selection text for dinner shows something to your guests: they do not give you the opportunity to dine in advance. This will free up space on the response card for a cleaner appearance.

However, for some cooked food, the supplier should know how many fish / chicken / steak dishes you should prepare. You can add a small section to your answer sheet to collect this information.

It’s also a great way to know exactly how many people will participate in your wedding!

It is very likely that someone you have invited to your wedding needs accommodation in the hotel. It’s important to share nearby hotels with your guests and say even more if you’ve booked in these hotel room blocks.

Provide the name and number of the hotel manager or concierge you work with so that guests can avoid the reservation desk and make sure they get the right price. If there is space available, provide instructions for the meeting point from the hotel and the means of transportation available to guests.

Theme + Activities
This is almost the category of clothes, but is destined for more unique weddings. Your wedding will have special themes, for example. For example, an optional Harry Potter dress code (yes, yes!) Or a costume for Halloween costumes? Maybe you will marry in the mountains in winter and you want your guests to be ready for a ski trip before the wedding? Your invitation is the perfect place to prepare your guests for your wedding / weekend’s expectations. More accurate, the better, but do not try to manage your guests!

I would like to make you curious about invitations to a wedding: before the Mobile Typography Revolution in 1447, the wedding ceremonies in England were announced by the town auctioneer, who called and shouted: “Oyez, look, look! (Listen, listen, listen!) Attracts the attention of the inhabitants of the city.

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