Wedding Invitations Philadelphia, A Lush, Candlelit Wedding in Philadelphia

Wedding Invitations Philadelphia Area

Wedding Invitations Philadelphia Area

Wedding Invitations Philadelphia– There can not be a better girlfriend than one who has participated in 21 marriages at the age of 30. This girl was Maya Khalil. During these 21 marriages, she discovered that “marriages are like shoes: you have to find the right style and style for each person”. So it’s time to plan your romantic and modern wedding with David Berg, researched and inspired by Maya (in particular the design of the Miami Beach Edition lobby) and has not run out of time and energy invested.

The bride’s top priority was to create the ideal environment (she liked wood, marble and natural light), while her boyfriend wanted a curfew without curfew. (In addition, David has a family of 150 people for whom participation is not negotiable).

For these reasons, the couple started looking for places in New York (where they live) and in New York in Philadelphia (the boy’s hometown), where they finally found the Skybox Event Center and the Joia Hall, a factory built in 1870 that it has been recently renovated.

Wedding Invitations Philadelphia

Wedding Invitations Philadelphia Glasgow

From there Maya – the events organized to earn a living! – He designed his dream of romantic and modern celebration. “I took my imagination to find the right production team that could help make this shop a fairy tale,” he says. Read on to see the photos you’ve taken of Lauren Fair Photography with a weekly planner and a creative flower designer (seriously, wait to see the green and suspended Chuppah!)

The bride wanted to feel sexy and more elegant, a feeling she had already found in the first dress she had tried. “Vera Wang’s dress had a weft, matte white, modern and serious enough,” she says. His favorite part was his back, which was almost like an evening jacket with turn-ups. “I like men’s clothes, so call me,” he says.

The bride calls her epic bouquet and is not crooked. “Botany, exotic, with different sizes, with a weft, lush green leaves and white nuances with darker burgundy leaves, orchids and bridal flowers in bloom, this was a statement in the best way possible,” he says. And since he’s not an eyelid fan, Maya has had a tailor-made relationship with David.

The wedding party was great (nine bridesmaids and 13 groomsmen!), But it was well coordinated. The women wore dark metallic tones and the men wore matching scarves.

“I wanted to shine in candlelit foliage, a bit like a modern and industrial fairy tale, too grown up,” says the bride. It was stuck with a predominantly gray and gold color palette and accents with green accents. “The high ceilings and the wooden floors worked naturally with the green foliage,” he says.

Once under the floating plate, the couple gave a maximum of five before exchanging the wishes he had written: David a few weeks ago and Maya one day. “My wishes were an honest list of things I would not have done in our marriage together, which made people laugh,” he says. “I promised him that I could watch every game of the Philadelphia Flyers, 82, all the time, but I promised myself never to play because he does not feel comfortable playing”.

The ceremony was led by one of David’s best friends, Jonathan Goldmann, with the words and prayers of Rabbi Marsha Jane: “It was a mixture of our two origins and allowed the personal anecdote of one of our dear friends, “says Mayan

The bride was waiting for an outdoor wedding, and her flower designer was able to bring this vision to life with the beautiful trees and the huge curtain of foliage on the dance floor. We were surrounded by trees and danced under the green with bright lanterns like stars in the sky, “he says.

For family-style dinners, from farm to table, guests were seated in ghostly chairs on light tables with gray, gold-covered sheets and a selection of flowers (white orchids, palm leaves, aloe ). , Lilies, ferns and ivy). The couple decided to sit on a white marble table with wooden legs with 10 of his closest friends. “It was amazing,” says Maya.

The cake was based on the opaque white robe of the bride, on the obvious leaves surrounding each layer and on the fresh figs painted with a golden touch of the season.

For their first dance, the couple chose Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” before he set the time. Maya says, “It was crazy in the best way possible!”

But the favorite part of the night’s bride came later in the night: “I remember watching each person jump and swing on the dance floor because nobody was sitting,” he says. “I looked up and thought, ‘It must be a dream.'” And with a dance party all night in such a wonderful room, we’ll think that’s what it was.

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