Unique Beach Wedding Invitations, Beach Theme Wedding Invitation Ideas

Beach Wedding Invitation Envelope,Beach Wedding Invitations Free Printable

Beach Wedding Invitation Envelope,Beach Wedding Invitations Free Printable

Unique Beach Wedding Invitations – Theme wedding invitations on the beach with real seashells. The first is one of my favorite invitations as it literally energizes the beach. These unique invitations with beach patterns are all accented with real shells, a product with synthetic sand structure and raffia. They are not only unique, elegant and entertaining, but also their convenient pocket size. In a word: fabulous!

Sandal Beach themed wedding invitation
I love this idea because it moves away from the tradition, while being elegant and fun. As they are cut in the shape of strappy sandals, this is an invitation to a wedding on the beach, funny, contemporary and unique, which none of your guests are waiting for. But the beautiful character and the satin ribbon give it a touch of elegance.

Unique Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Invitation Dress Code,Beach Wedding Invitations Etsy

Invitations to the ocean

This is another good idea that mixes the theme of the beach in a fun way.

To make these DIY invitations, I just bought a set of 3 papers with pads of different sizes in paperpresentatio. I used the cards in different shades of blue to mimic the different blues / greens you see when you look at the depths of the ocean.

Of course, you can also include them in your color scheme or use brighter or more blues.

The positive point of this idea is that it is not only unique, but also practical. You can use one card as a formal invitation, another for important information, such as: As a dress code, itinerary or travel information. The small card can be used for the RSVP.

Simple drawings

Does the idea of ​​using contemporary forms for wedding invitations with beach themes seem too radical for you? Do you want to stay a bit on the traditional side and at the same time incorporate marine elements into the theme?

You can get the best of both worlds with traditionally square white cards that include images such as seashells, seahorses or starfish. This is a great DIY project as it’s very simple.

You can buy the card of your choice and find illustrations online on the beach. Make sure you do not use stylized figurines or cliparts that are too amateurish.

Bamboo pocket fold

Who said beach, wedding invitations could not be glamorous too? I love, I love, I love the consistency of bamboo handmade, but what distinguishes these elements is the ornament of oyster shells. There is no doubt that these invitations show how your destination or beach ceremony is elegant, unique and modern!

Buy my favorite wedding invitations with beach themes

You will find below a collection of pretty cards sold by my partners. Personally, I’ve chosen each of these options to save you the trouble of eliminating weeds with hundreds of non-beach theme invitations. I love them all because the design, graphics and fonts are perfect for a laid-back party at the beach, but the luxurious quality paper makes them look a lot more expensive.

I like elegant, stylish, funny and modern invitations and I find all these invitations with incredible beach themes. Better yet, most of them have a suite (reply cards, thank you cards, menus, etc.).

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