Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations, 5 Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations to Make Holly Golightly Beam!

Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations Uk

Free Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitation Templates,Wedding Invitations In Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations – Based on our Royal Wedding Eggs from today, we continue with an invitation to the wedding that recalls the classic color of a reputed diamond company: the Blue Tiffany. There is something in this beautiful blue egg that captivates a cult of admirers all over the world.

Elegance, grace and glamor come to my mind when the phrase “Tiffany Blue” is spoken. It follows, of course, that a Tiffany blue wedding style must follow the example of the legendary love story and the legacy of such an iconic American brand.

Fans of the Truman Capote Breakfast adaptation film at Tiffany in 1961 can appreciate the bubbly and entertaining personality Holly Golightly and his love for the Tiffany store in New York. As Holly says, “nothing bad can happen to you there.”

Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations

Tiffany Blue Wedding Place Cards,Tiffany Blue Wedding Thank You Cards

Let’s take a look at our 5 exclusive Tiffany Blue invitations that set the tone for your super stylish wedding anniversary!

Tiffany Blue Wedding invites Holly to achieve Golightly Beam
The Tiffany-themed wedding stationery must undeniably convey a sense of deliberate luxury. Elegant, classic and timeless words come easily to mind. A monochrome Tiffany blue or a combination of blue and white Tiffany colors is the main attraction of this wedding invitation style: try not to exaggerate the color scheme. Calligraphy and typography also play a key role in sending the message: “Yes, it’s my incredible marriage, inspired by Tiffany Blue, have fun together!”

1. remarkable

Olivia, with her remarkable stationery design, is the quintessence of the “Tiffany” invitation. An elegant affair deserves a blue robin in the manner of eggs (very close to the blue Tiffany) with calligraphic elements radiating luxury. As Olivia says in her Minted profile, “I’m inspired by a model, a vintage style, small details and perfect color palettes”. We believe that it offers Pikes its beautiful design.

2. Gift packed in a ribbon

A highly qualified 5 star design studio based in New Jersey (Etsy) has designed this beautiful gift box with a tie that we love. A real arc adds a tactile experience to guests to open an invitation. Although it’s an engagement party, it would be just as good as an invitation to a wedding.

3. Folding Invitations for Blue Boxes

We love the simplicity and convenience of this blue box. The invitation is a foldable card that can hold all the information your guests need, such as: Date, time, location and gift list information.

The blues come from the fact that you’re getting fat and it’s raining maybe too long, you’re just sad, that’s all, the red villains are terrible, so you’re scared and you do not know what you’re afraid of .

“Well, if I understand it correctly, the only advantage is to take a taxi and go to Tiffany, it immediately calms me down.The calm and the proud aspect of the thing, nothing serious can happen. ” If I could find a place in real life where I felt like Tiffany, I would buy furniture and give the cat a name! ”

– Breakfast at Tiffany

4. Invitation inspired by Tiffany with laser cut

A laser cut invitation inspired by the vintage lace lining that makes my office go crazy! Lately we’ve seen some variations of this style on Pinterest and we like them a lot.

5. Diamond Invitation in Bloom (Custom Color)

An invitation to a royal wedding at a wedding inspired by Tiffany in Florida (see link below). We love the ornaments and rounded corners of this invitation. A washed watercolor look adds depth and the typography is perfect.

As you can see in the following invitations to WeddingPaperDivas, do not be afraid to play with colors when buying wedding items. If the custom color option is available, you can get a specific look for this particular suite … I’m sure it will be great!

Blue Bride Inspiration Tiffany
We have some amazing examples of incorporating a Tiffany Blue color combination into your royal wedding, whether you’re looking for an incredible bouquet of flowers, bridesmaid dresses or party favors.

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