Pocket Wedding Invitations, From Start to Finish: This Is How Wedding Invitations Are Made

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Pocket Wedding Invitations – As with all aspects of planning a wedding, making invitations to great days is a true love story, but many couples do not seem to understand how much effort is needed to produce beautiful paper items. But they should! As you delve into the world of stationery, you will find that the invitation process is truly intriguing, not to mention an incredible complexity.

“From paper selection to sensitive methods and printing methods, the staff oversees a number of important details,” says Jackie Mangiolino, a stationery business, Sincerely, Jackie. “There are thousands of options for wedding invitations and hiring a professional allows you to determine the first detail of the day your guests receive.” If you’ve already been interested in the wedding invitation process, you’re lucky. We talk to three writers of how the spell works.

It is not surprising that the couple should work a little before hiring a professional. After creating a short list of lovers, the couple must investigate in advance how the wedding invitations should be. It does not have to be too detailed (this will happen later!), But you have to decide on the budget, if the topic of your wedding is reflected in the paper products (if you have one) and if there are some items you really have.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

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I like to see it as part of your stationery shop. “Most paper mills have their own style and specialty and you want to make sure your style matches yours,” says Mangiolino.

Once you have a general idea of ​​what you are looking for, contact potential authors. So the magic really starts to happen. “After a potential customer has contacted you, you can exchange basic information via e-mail or a simple phone call,” says Marlie R. Vodofsky, owner and creative director of Marlie Renee Designs.

Most typists are just the basics, but some prefer to ask personal questions about you and your girlfriend, for example: what attracted you to each other, where you live and what you like to do. . Then you can ask questions about your wedding style and your ideas about the day, to make sure that it meets your needs.

“Whatever the subject of your marriage, whether formal or tied or in an informal meeting, we will use these details to guide you through the design process and monitor the table,” says Kelsey. Garrison, owner of Calligraphe in Lairsey Paper Co.

During the first telephone conversation or e-mail with your own catch, you can schedule a meeting to receive personal advice. Since his studio offers semi-personalized stationery, Mangiolino allows customers to choose their basic design to identify personalization details such as characters, colors and phrases. The budget will also be discussed during the consultation. “With so many options in the printing world, there are many ways to get a particular style at different price levels, like mixing and adjusting high and low pressure printing techniques.”

Explain the average budget of the couples who visit it. Sincerely, Jackie starts in 100 invitation suites with small characters for around $ 1,500. The final total amount depends however on the printing method. Book printing, screen printing, sheet printing and engraving increase costs. “Digital printing, which seems flat and is often used in commercial laser printers, is cheaper,” he says. After the consultation, the bride and groom will normally receive a detailed estimate based on the selection made during the consultation.

Once the design orientation has been approved, including ink colors, paper variants, envelope options, and finishing details, the drawing process begins. “Your stationery will combine everything you’ve discussed in the first consultation with other design elements and put it on paper,” says Garrison. “This part of the process varies from one designer to another, but it’s likely that you’ll get different concepts and eventually get a sketch of your set of invitations in general.” Once the sketches are approved, the specialist begins the design and review process. This, Garrison explains, usually involves creating a digital project of your invitation, which then offers changes or approvals.

Once the design is complete, production can begin. At this point, your stationery starts ordering the material you need for your suite, including envelopes, envelopes, paper, wax stamps, and ribbons. “One of the reasons that so many wedding invitations are produced is the large number of moving parts that appear behind the scenes.” explained eaten. “Since the pieces bring me back from production, I’m working on all the fixtures I need to make, which usually include envelopes, perfect binding, pocket card assembly and tons and tons of counting.”

Once the invitations have been completed, pick them up at the stationery store or send them in a box and send them by mail. Some companies send out their email invitations, especially those that offer address services, but you give them a little more control over the process.

Mangiolino encourages couples to spend time by mail before sending mail to prepare their invitations, thus avoiding potential messaging problems. “To help evaluate my clients’ invitations, I offer invitations to self-managed test mailings, I recommend mailing tips and protective films in Vellum,” he said. “Manual removal is a simple way to reduce the damage caused by mailing, even though multiple post offices handle this process differently.”

He advises you to send a test invitation just to see how it arrives. “If it’s perfect, go back to the same post office (the same employee, if possible!) And send the rest of your invitations,” says Mangiolino. “If there is a problem with your test sample, go back to your stationery, tell them what happened and solve the problem as a team.”

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