Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, Here Are The Top 5 Wedding Invitation Trends For 2018

laser cut wedding invitations machine,laser cut wedding invitations amazon

laser cut wedding invitations machine,laser cut wedding invitations amazon

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations – If you are looking for wedding invitations and need a little help with your selection, you are in the right place. I met Linda Curtis Kelly from Loving Invitations to learn about the different trends that will be important in 2017 and to inspire you with your invitations.

Linda sees a move towards more natural, creative and classic invitations with beautiful flowers, elegant calligraphy, laser-cut details and rustic patterns.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

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Linda said: “The trend of nature is still popular, but 2017 are beautiful flowers and rural landscapes, less structured and organic, we love nature and nothing is as charming and as simple as it is for bohemian, rustic or wedding weddings Vintage theme is.

Modern Rustico

“The modern rustic is very present and will not move on in the short term, the rustic elements are mixed with a soft color palette and combined with power envelopes,” explains Linda, “the wording of the invitations also has a modern content: the couples decide to invite their guests now A few times last year, I was asked to include their parent’s name in the launch of the wedding invitation. ”

color trends

Linda predicts that pastel colors will be very popular in 2017 as well.

laser cutting

Linda is also of the opinion that the invitations to the laser cut will be excellent. “Invitations to laser cutting are still relatively new in Ireland, but should become a trend in 2017. Laser cutting is a technology that uses the cut materials, mainly in the industry, the configuration, but more recently it has been taken over by the paper companies This is definitely the next big news in wedding decor. ”


It’s not just the overall style that couples focus on, the little details and a good source will always bring out your invitations. Linda says, “Bold graphics and fonts are becoming increasingly popular, and couples are using bold graphics and bold characters for their invitations. Think write and calligraphy styles that have a big impact. Time is still very legible.”

Linda and her team at Loving Invitations provide you with style, legibility and tidiness, letting the design express your personality and taste.

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