Diy Wedding Invitations, Reporter Ally Kraemer’s Diy Wedding Invitations Are A Labor Of Love

diy Wedding Invitations Paper,diy Wedding Invitations Cost

diy Wedding Invitations Paper,diy Wedding Invitations Cost

Diy Wedding Invitations – The design of wedding invitations is the most exciting part of my previous planning. It is also one of the most expensive. I can not imagine spending more on paper than on my cake, so I walked around.

Online orders are convenient, but as soon as you connect things, it quickly becomes very expensive. So I went to Dawson’s creations on Madeira. Dawson Bullock and his team are so amazing! Using a local reseller allows you to fully customize every detail.

I’m pretty smart (I worked in a high school album store), so I did not think that making our invitations was crazy.

Diy Wedding Invitations

Diy Wedding Invitations,diy Wedding Invitations Templates

Step 1: Find inspiration

I looked at Etsy for the wedding invitation designs I liked and found them in Swell and Grand. The model only costs $ 25, but we wanted to adapt some things to our slightly less traditional style. It was a good starting point.

Step 2: Design the invitations.

No, you do not have to be a graphic! The basics of Microsoft PowerPoint will work. I do not know either, so I called my friend Jake.

We are looking for popular sources for weddings. You can download them directly into PowerPoint for testing. We chose Stylish Calligraphy Demo and Kokila.

Enter as many invitations / reply cards / credit cards on one page as possible. This saves money on printing and the best of this beautiful card.

We received two invitations per page, four answer cards per page and four detailed cards per page.

Do not spend days deciding sources and words. You do not have to follow any pattern; You can write sooner or later and nobody cares. Make appropriate invitations for you and what you want!

Step 3: Resize.

I would like three layers for my invitations: a light pink stand, a centerpiece with silver highlights and the top layer on which the invitation is printed. To accommodate the envelope, the largest piece can measure 5 inches by 7 inches; just change the size there. You do not have to collapse to play with him.

Pink supporter: 5 inches by 7 inches
Bright silver: 4¾ inches x 6 x inches
Top: 4¼ inches for 6¼ inches

Step 4: Collect your shares and pay nothing for nothing!

Michael’s pink card: 25 cents each. (Expect a 50% discount, I also have a 25% bonus).
Bright Silver Hobby Lobby Paper: 1 USD each. (The best deal I found was 50%.)
Quartz metal trombones: 24 cents each. (I ordered two boxes for 100 sheets.)
Lobby creation: about 68 cents each. (Buy refills of eight packs and use a 40% coupon).
Staples Paper Cutter: $ 35. (I think we have a better price in-store than the online price.) Spend money: the perfect and crisp cuts are worth it!
Envelopes for invitations on LCI paper: 31 cents each. (I used a standard A7 envelope).
Envelopes for LCI paper answer cards: 26 cents each. (I used standard A2 envelopes).

Step 5: Print everything.

As mentioned earlier, try to customize multiple invitations and articles on one page to save money on paper and printing.

I went to Staples at Hyde Park Plaza. Ask max helped us line up on the right page and gave us suggestions on how to cut invitations. If you give them the size, Staples will cut them for you!

Black and white printing costs 19 cents per page and $ 2 per cut.

We bought the can opener after printing the invitations. In retrospect, I could cut it alone.

But Staples did a good job and I received professional quality invitations for $ 25.

Step 6: Cut everything.

Imagine the process as an assembly line. Measure and cut each part of each piece in advance to get only piles of paper. This greatly facilitates your connection.

If you measure items on a 12 x 12 inch sheet of paper, you will be surprised how many pieces you can extract from each sheet. Save your leftovers! The silver glitter paper is expensive and the fine residue left by each sheet worked perfectly for matching papers. I have a box of leftovers that I can use in the future.

I only stabbed my finger once and it took me only a week to clean the brightness of my counter, clothes, shoes and hair. (How did you get into my hair?)

Step 7: Get a collage.

Do not use Elmer glue or glue. I used what I call “tail broker”. Buy first with a 40% discount on Hobby Lobby, so buy only the parts, they are cheaper! Make sure you buy the permanent type: you do not want to be removable.

I probably used 25 rolls of this material, so every time I went to Michael’s lobby or the hobby, I bought a package of his coupon.

The same process here: I glued every piece of brightness into the pink piece. Then I went over and I glued the top of the invitation to shine.

I think I saw three seasons of “The True Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

Step 8: The envelopes.

We received invitation envelopes and low-cost online response cards. LCI Paper offers printing services. However, if you want to save money, this is not the way to go.

We have a LaserJet printer and, after a bit of frustration, we use the Envelopes and correspondence tab to create our labels. Our mailing list was in an Excel spreadsheet and with the “mail” we could format an envelope for each guest.

The envelopes and answers were simple, just put the same address in the middle of each one. But I always had to sit there and press “OK” when I felt I was losing something from my mind.

Step 9: Take something

It was a work of love! If you choose your invitations, I hope you can save and customize your wedding.

If you want to have the PowerPoint templates we have created, I will be happy to share them with you. Send me a mail

The total cost

It is difficult to estimate the cost of each invitation because I used a single sheet for different invitations and response cards. The cost of the ink for my envelopes will not be considered. We used the printer with my mother, so it was free!

If I had to estimate:

Invitations with envelopes: $ 1.15 each.
Cards and response details: every 71 cents
Total: $ 1.86 per invitation fee
It’s crazy cheap, so if you have a limited budget, make your own invitations and spend the money elsewhere!

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